Refrigerated vans can be thought of as mini-fridge on wheels. First, you must understand that cold cannot be made. In simple terms, cold is a lack of heat. The refrigerated vans remove heat from storage facilities, lowering the temperature and creating an atmosphere of self-contained. Every van comes with a condenser. It is one of three essential components. Inside the condenser is a coil with tubes and fins. The condenser coil houses the refrigerant tube tubes. Air is circulated over it by fans. The heat from the excess heat is released to the atmosphere, while the liquid refrigerant cools and passes to the compressor and evaporator.

The compressor compresses the gas to very high pressure. The low-pressure refrigerant is converted to coolant gas, which can be recycled and dispersed into the atmosphere.

The evaporator is made up of tubes and fins that are similar to the condenser. It works with the refrigerant at extremely low temperatures to evaporate it. Once it has cooled, it converts it back into a liquid refrigerant, and continues the cycle.