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    Cheapest Refrigerated Van and Truck Rental in Melbourne

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    Refrigerated Van on Rent

    Are you looking to rent a refrigerated van in Melbourne at an affordable price? Look no further! We have tons of reliable, refrigerated vans available for rent. Whether you’re transporting food or medical supplies, our vans will be the perfect choice for you. So don’t wait any longer – book your refrigerated van rental today!

    Affordable & Reliable Refrigerated Van and Truck Rentals in Melbourne

    Fuel is full when the vehicle is picked up and must be filled back up to full by the customer before returning. Toll charges must also be paid by the customer, we recommend planning your trips out in advance and getting a pass from the relevant providers. If we are sent bills for unpaid tolls your card will be charged and an extra fee will apply.

    If the refrigerated van is fitted ESB (Electric Standby) then it can be plugged into an external power source to keep the refrigeration running while the vehicle is off.

    When we give out long term rentals we always recommend a few key things to our customers. First off it’s important that the vehicle is maintained properly, from making sure the doors and inside of the cabin is not damaged, as this could affect the insulation, to keeping the vehicle in good condition like any other van. We also recommend regular services to make sure that the van and refrigeration are in top shape and that any potential issues are dealt with before they are a problem. Always keep an eye on the vehicle, and if there are any problems, even if minor, get them looked at to avoid bigger issues down the line.

    Most commonly these vans are used by those transporting chilled or frozen food products, such as grocery stores, restaurants, produce suppliers, butchers and many more. It is also used by refrigerated couriers/delivery drivers, and in some cases may be used by businesses that need to transport chemicals that need to be kept below a certain temperature.

    A refrigeration unit is put within the enclosed space of the rear of the vehicle, running off the engine’s power. The rear itself is carefully insulated, making sure that the cold air can’t escape so that the rear of the van stays cool. The refrigeration can also run off an external power source if the refrigeration unit is fitted with an electric standby.

    If you’re unsure ask the vehicle provider. Different vans will have different temperature ranges. For example, the ones we provide can typically go between 4°C and -18°C, being easily controllable with the temperature viewable from a controller in the driver’s cabin.

    Yes. Before choosing a refrigerated van there are a few main things to consider, including the temperature range needed, the size needed, and any extra features needed. Once you have figured out what is required for your cargo you can check the van has everything required to transport your goods safely. If you’re unsure or have a variety of goods to carry a larger vehicle (e.g 2 ton refrigerated van) with a large temperature range and Electric Standby is the way to go, giving you great flexibility to transport almost any chilled or frozen goods.

    Whether you rent or purchase a refrigerated van is up to you and comes down to your needs and budgetary considerations. If you plan to use the van for years to come purchasing may be a better option, while if you do not need the van for that long, do not want to commit to having the van for longer periods, or are uncertain of the long time you need the van for, renting is likely more suited to you.

    Often you may want to purchase the van, but not have the budget to do that from the beginning, luckily there are also rent-to-buy options available, meaning you can easily pay back the vehicle and receive full ownership after the van has been fully paid off. This gives you long term security as well as the long term savings of purchasing a van while allowing you to pay as you go.

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