Refrigerated Vehicles for Rent At Refrigerated Van for rent, we have several customers who have their own fleet but cooperate with us for refrigerated rental vans when they require them. Other clients exclusively use refrigerated van rentals and prefer to cut costs in addition to the risk of not having to maintain the fleet themselves. We’re there to support and assist businesses that regularly or need to have an additional refrigerated vehicle.

If you’ve thought about whether your company might benefit from Refrigerated Vehicles for Rent here are four ways renting a service could be beneficial to your business.

Refrigerated Vehicles for Rent

  1. Flexibility

In many fields, food service is not an exception; there will be peaks and valleys throughout the year. Christmas and Easter are the two main times when our customers are the busiest. However, during the winter months, things tend to slow down. A refrigerated rental vehicle partner not only lets’ increase the size of your fleet for shorter-term volumes, but you’ll also be able to make a choice in the vehicle you choose. If you decide to invest in an entire fleet, you will only have the specific vehicles that are available. At Refrigerated Van for rent, you have access to a variety of vehicles ranging from 1 tonne up to 8 pallet vans according to what you require.

  1. Save Cost

A refrigerated vehicle purchase is an investment of a substantial amount that is one of the largest that a medium to a small company can achieve. It’s a huge impact on the bottom line, especially when there are numerous other costs, like hiring, equipment, and marketing, for instance, which could result in an increased return on investment. For smaller companies that can reduce the cost of the refrigerated rental vehicle only when required can let capital be used to make additional business-critical investments that can boost expansion.

  1. Reduce Risk

Alongside the initial cost of purchasing refrigerated vehicles, and continuing running costs, owning vehicles comes with risks. In the event of theft, breakdown, accident and the unexpected cost of out-of-warranty repairs are not just costly for the business financially, but may also have an impact on operations. If you experience a sudden refrigeration downtime in an optimum time and are in a position to not deliver deliveries or deliver goods, the harm to the image and revenue of your business could be substantial. We at Refrigerated Van for rent, our refrigerated vehicles are maintained regularly and serviced by our preferred provider, The MAS, who are specialists of Commercial Vehicle Conversion. This way, we can ensure that our fleet is always operating at its peak.

  1. Reduce Fleet Management Requirements

The management of a refrigerated van fleet is an important business expense. It typically requires full-time managing of the fleet, as well as investing in software that manages the fleet and the expenses associated with regular maintenance and upgrades. Employing a refrigerated van rental service will mean that you could either reduce or eliminate this obligation from your business completely.

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