The importance of air-conditioning technology has turned a new page with the latest transitions in the automotive industry towards electrification. In Australia, the climate conditions can be unforgiving and Harsh. So, it becomes paramount to ensure the high effectiveness of the refrigerants to maintain vehicle performance and energy efficiency. It is true not just for the purchase of refrigerated vehicles but also for refrigerated vans for hire in Melbourne and other parts of Australia. First, let us understand the shift in refrigerant usage and then we will move on to choosing the best company in Melbourne to get a Refrigerated Van For Rent Near Me.

Changes in Refrigerant Usage

●R134a is the traditional refrigerant used worldwide. Now, it is being phased out because of its negative effects like the higher potential for global warming. In the current era, there is a shift towards more environmentally friendly options in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems used in automobiles.
●Chemical manufacturers worldwide have submitted requests for approving new refrigerants for automotive use. These new refrigerants are assured to have a crucial role in the performance and environmental sustainability of electrified vehicles.

Vans Having Modern HVAC Units With Latest Refrigerant

In Melbourne, lots of businesses depend on Refrigerated Van Rental. They desire a modern freezer van with all the latest features including a cooling unit with the latest refrigerant. Among various companies working in Melbourne, we – Refrigerated Van For Rent are considered the number one company. We have a large fleet of freezer vans, which include:

●3 Pallet Refrigerated Truck: Hino 300
●6 Pallet Refrigerated Truck: Hino 300
●Refrigerated Brand New Toyota Hiace Slwb
●Refrigerated Ford Transit 1 Ton
●Refrigerated Ford Transit Medium Roof
●Refrigerated Hiace New Shape 1 Ton Van
●Refrigerated Hiace Old Shape 2 Ton Van
●Refrigerated Hilux Ute
●Refrigerated Ldv Deliver 9 – 2 Ton Van
●Refrigerated Vw 50 Crafter 2 Ton Van

Why Choose Us?

We stay updated with the latest in air-conditioning and other technologies related to the automotive industry. You can Hire a Refrigerated Van from us with assurance of its modern features. Remember, we are the best-rated company for Refrigerated Vehicle Hire in Melbourne, Australia.

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