Refrigerated vehicles are just like a mammoth fridge, so often one might wonder how do they even work in a mobile format. They carry perishable goods over long distances, at a specific temperature and hence are applicable in assorted industries. The working or operating of these freezer vans is similar to that of fridges available in the households. There is an insulated, airtight compartment present in the vehicles, wherein the heat is absorbed as well as dissipated outside from it.

Let us have a look at the major components that make Refrigerated Vehicles on Hire work.

1. Condenser: You must have seen it, without knowing its purpose. A condenser is installed at the top of the refrigerated vehicle. It comprises a coil wherein a series of fins and tubes are installed. It works in a similar way to that of a car’s radiator by passing the air through the condenser coil, wherein the coil is filled with sealed refrigerant tubes.

When the gas is present inside these tubes, it gets condensed into a liquid refrigerant. The remaining excess and unimportant heat are thrown into the atmosphere.

2. Evaporator: It is present inside the load space and it accepts the cooled liquid refrigerant. This equipment also has tubes and fins, like the condenser. The evaporator coil results in the evaporation of refrigerant at very low temperature.

A number of fans circulate the air into the load space, reducing the internal temperature. After this, the refrigerant gas goes out in the form of low-pressure gas, thereby returning to the compressor.

3. Compressor: It is used for two purposes – pumping the coolant in the system and ascertain consistent temperature regulation. When it accepts the low-pressure gas, it compresses it into a hot-pressure one that is forced out. This results in a restart of the cooling cycle.

The above-mentioned three major components are present in all refrigerated vehicles such as trucks and vans. Businesses can use Refrigerated Rental Vans for transporting their perishable goods over long distances. There are a few companies that provide Refrigerated Vehicles on Hire, along with providing some sort of insurance. Make sure to cover all the bases before venturing into a rent deal with a service provider.

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