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Hire Refrigerated Van in Melbourne

Hire purchase, also referred to as lease purchase, is an option to repay the loan, in which you hold your asset by the time of the term:

Variable or fixed interest choices – you choose which one is best for you or your company.

The flexibility of repayments is that they can be adjusted to meet the business’s income stream.

Tax benefits – you may write down allowances, or capital grants and interest on repayments may be offset against profits, and VAT is typically reclaimed (special rules are applicable to cars).

You have total control and you will own your asset upon the time of the contract.

It is a great option to be flexible with this type of asset financing. We can set up the contract in different ways, including an adjustable deposit, fixed payments, and perhaps a balloon-like final payment.

Hire Refrigerated Van in Melbourne on Lease

Finance Lease

The advantages of owning property with fixed rental costs:

Costs are low – no upfront costs for a modest initial investment, you can make use of the assets right away.

Flexible – Rental payments can be adjusted to meet the revenue flow of your business.

Flexible or fixed rates of interest – you choose the one that best fits you and your company.

Tax benefits The VAT is payable on rental payments and not on the purchase price. However, the payments are usually offset against tax-deductible profits (special rules apply to vehicles).

Monthly rental rates can be linked with your current cash flows. After the term of the Finance lease agreement, the assets will be sold and you are awarded the majority of the profits. Since the owner of the asset is the finance company who will be claiming the allowances for writing-down and incorporate this into the monthly rents. Another alternative would be paying a second period rental for each year you want to make use of the asset.

Operating Lease

This is an option worth looking into when you are looking for highly specialized assets. The finance company is the owner of the asset for the duration of the agreement and is responsible for the risk of losing value. You also get entire rights to the asset–

Fixed costs – for a fixed amount, you can access the asset instantly

Rent payments are flexible – they can be tailored to suit the revenue flow of your business

Variable or fixed interest choices – choose the one that is right for you or your company

Off-balance sheets – consult your auditor on this benefit for your business