However, it can be tough to try and work on what exactly you need, and which one will be the most cost effective for your business. It’s hard to finalize, and opt the wrong van can be cost high. So, we’re here to provide you the run down on the various kinds of Refrigerated Van For Lease available, to assist and chalk out which one is best for your needs.

Here are a few queries that you should know yourself before searching into the refrigerated vans.

What temperature does your goods requires to be transferred at?

This is probably the single most essential question to begin off with, as various vans have the ability of managing various temperatures. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common industries and what temperature their deliver requirement to be stored at:


To manage the freshness of flowers during transportation, it’s essential to keep them at a chilled temperature vary of 5°C to 7°C, nothing more and nothing less to assure their short life-span is maximised to its full span.

Catering Foods

The temperature of catering foods, whether hot or cold, during transportation will based entirely on the produce itself. Specifically, catering businesses generally choose for a dual temperature vehicle which aims both an ambient section and a chilled section divided by a built-in bulkhead, in term to transport both hot and cold goods together. This kind of vehicle is generally quite flexible to your requirement, and some deliver movable bulkheads to permit the driver to manage the compartment sizes if needed.

Medicines and Injections

When transporting medicines it is significant that they are stored properly at a stagnant, cool temperature to prevent them from spoiling and help them unsafe to administer, specifically, a van with different compartments able to work on numerous temperatures.

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