Best Commercial Vehicle Conversion The majority of conversions to vehicles are focused on making a vehicle do a particular job, and making the vehicle more functional than the base vehicle permits. There’s a growing market for modifications to vehicles that increase efficiency.

They can include altering the type of fuel and the powertrain as a whole or fitting a new sleeker body.

Operators are increasingly under pressure to reduce emissions of their vehicles’ exhaust. The most obvious option is to replace cars with electric models. However, the restrictions on range, along with the substantial price tag of electric vehicles could make it unaffordable.

Larger vehicles, particularly those that travel for greater miles or are operating in rural locations with limited charging infrastructure are the most difficult and most difficult to clean up’.

Change The Type Of Fuel

For those who have diesel vehicles who want to help to reduce pollution, while saving on fuel, converting to hydrogen is a viable option.

One of the fleets which has made the decision to invest on hydrogen energy includes Glasgow City Council, which is launching a brand new fleet of gritters powered by hydrogen.

The majority of new vehicles are powered solely by hydrogen and the remaining half are being transformed in hydrogen Duel Fuel from the Ultra Low Emission Mileage Company (ULEMCo).

ULEMCo believes that it has discovered an ‘untapped market’ for Hydrogen dual fuel converters for heavy duty “back into base’ utilitaire vehicles where the benefits of more efficient performance are evident. The company also has options for vehicles.

Commercial Vehicle Conversion

Utilizing the ULEMCo H2ICED (hydrogen burns inside the internal combustion engine) technology, diesel vehicles are equipped to hydrogen tanks, as well as an injection system that uses a unique control module, makes sure that hydrogen is added to the fuel mix only when it’s most efficient to burn.

It operates in a similar way as a liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) conversion, and promises to reduce carbon emissions by up to 70 percent.

The Glasgow city council is in the process of securing green hydrogen which will allow the fleet to refill. It is also anticipated that air quality emissions such as NOx. (NOx) and NOx, will be significantly reduced when compared to the vehicle that is used as a base.

The hydrogen range is dependent on the dimensions of the tanks in the event that the vehicle runs empty of hydrogen, the vehicle may be operated as a regular diesel.

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